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Testing Out the Video Quality

Samsung HMX-R10 HD Camcorder Review

There are a total of six video resolutions available to you on this camcorder. At the highest end of the range, of course, are the videos that will shoot at an impressive 1920 x 1080 pixels. The first two do it at 1080i (superfine and normal) and the third will do it at 1080p. Alternatively, you can dial down to 720p HD, 480p widescreen, Web & Mobile (VGA).

Here is a quick video compilation using the Samsung HMX-R10 at the Fragapalooza 2009 LAN Party in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada.

In terms of video quality, I was quite happy with what the R10 was able to produce in regular daylight conditions. The action is crisp and the colors are bright. However, I can’t say the same under lower light conditions. This is particularly pronounced when you try the slow motion feature, since everything turns pitch black without lots of lighting.

Final Thoughts

Samsung HMX-R10 HD Camcorder Review

If HD isn’t the next big thing, it already is the big thing. The 1080p videos that you shoot using this remarkably compact camcorder can be easily shared using a device like the WDTV Media Player. Believe me when I say the video is a quantum leap above the videos that you can shoot with a regular digital camera.

The Samsung HMX-R10 is the world’s smallest full HD digital camcorder, capable of shooting 1080p videos and 12-megapixel still photos. The angled lens is a bit of a novelty and will take some time to get used to, but I can see the value and comfort there. However, the lack of a lens cover can be pretty frustrating.

It’s also unfortunate that you only get 5x optical zoom, since so many other camcorders can offer much more than that. At the same time, redeeming features like the touch-to-focus, facial recognition, and 600fps slow-mo add tremendous value. I like what Samsung has done here, but the little quirks may prove annoying over time.


  • Full HD 1080p video in a compact package
  • Slow-motion feature is a blast
  • Unique angled lens really is more comfortable
  • Quick-access button for stills during video mode


  • No integrated lens cover
  • No built-in memory
  • Conventional hand strap would be better than wrist strap
  • Possibly too many features for such a simple menu

Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10.0

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