They say that EVs don’t work in Canada! Who is ‘they’? πŸ˜‚

On Our Podcast Show this week, Stephen and Winston prove electric vehicles work in Canada. In fact, they work exceptionally well, and that’s the real truth! We proved it by going on an epic 1,920 km road trip through one of the most rugged parts of Canada – Northern BC.


00:00 – Intro

05:07 – What is the best app for planning EV road trips?

07:28 – How to look for EV fast charging stations.

09:08 – Should I always be charging an EV?

11:13 – Do Road maps use GPS or Cellular?

13:45 – What are the different types of EV charging stations?

17:32 – Where are most EV charging stations located?

19:56 – Are EV charging stations priced the same?

21:19 – Can I charge any EV on a Tesla charging station?

22:50 – Can I charge my Tesla at any EV charging station?

24:49 – Will we see more Tesla Chargers in remote areas?

25:52 – Why are there FLO chargers near Tesla charging stations?

26:25 – What was the total cost of our EV road trip?

26:47 – What is the cost of our road trip in a gas-powered car?

28:22 – Do I need an app to use the charging stations?

32:16 – Why we take breaks on an EV road trip.

32:29 – What chargers are there in Cache Creek, BC?

34:03 – Why is having a dash cam so important?

36:36 – Why do you need a high-endurance SD card in a dashcam?

39:15 – Can I record using an external SSD in an EV?

42:48 – What is β€œregen” in an EV?

44:31 – Why do brakes in an EV last forever?

47:17 – What is the Plug Share App?

50:21 – Can you do long road trips on an EV?

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