As eluded to just last week, Futurelooks would be representing all that is great about PC Gaming and DIY at the 2013 BCIT Tech Day, presented by the BCIT Student Association (BCITSA). The same organization that runs those great LAN events (Spring and Fall) for students. We partnered up with our friends at MEGATechNews and brought two of our best supporters, GIGABYTE and ADATA Technology, to bring a Gamers Lounge to the event. Thghis allowed us to help spread glad tidings about gaming and gadgets during BCITs busiest time of the year.

Check out the video we made below for a quick look at who was there and what they were showing off…

If you’re having trouble viewing the video here, you can check it out right here on our YouTube Channel as well.

Great Sponsors Make a Great Gamers Lounge


Without the support of companies such as GIGABYTE and ADATA Technology, our presence at these important events wouldn’t happen. So I’d like to take a moment to make sure that you know who helps to get us out there. Not only did they help out with the costs, but they also supplied us with the means to create some great demo systems so that gamers could enjoy the latest games on some top end hardware.

What was really fantastic about this year’s event was the growing number of students that were truly interested in PC DIY. I had a record number of questions during the entire day and I was so excited and happy to answer them. From how to manage cables to figuring out what the next logical upgrade was for an existing system, all the way to putting together a brand new system from scratch, I was glad to answer every single one throughout the day. It’s true that gamers really do fuel the PC DIY Hardware Market.


Major contributions to the systems included GPUs and motherboards, including their new Z87N-WiFi mITX and G1.Killer Sniper M5 mATX board from GIGABYTE and XPG V1/V2 memory kits and SX900 and SP900 SSDs from ADATA Technology. Also worth mentioning are BitFenix, who supplied the Shinobi and Prodigy (check out our live build) cases, Spectre Pro fans and sleeved cabling, while be quiet!, a new comer to the North American market, supplied the Dark Power Pro 10 650Watt power supplies for these builds. Believe me, these are awesome power supplies. Check out the video unboxing too.

AZIO also supplied their keyboards, mice and headsets so that PC gamers could try them out first hand. For many of these students, it was their first time using products from this company, making it a very important way to get the word out on new products that really need to be touch/felt/experienced. This is how these peripherals should be experienced and purchased with confidence.

We Brought Friends!

In addition to the support of MEGATechNews, also helping to make the Gamers Lounge great was help from Canadian Joysticks and ROAM Mobility.


Canadian Joysticks was not only showing off the products that they sell, but they were also introducing people to fighting games, using a new game called Dive Kick. In a nutshell, it’s a game that has all the elements of most great fighting games, but because it only has two buttons, it makes it accessible to a wider audience. So instead of remember how to do a fireball, or needing to memorize the Ken Flow Chart, gamers can mash away and have a great time. A game that I’m somewhat addicted to now thanks to Michael from MEGATechNews.


ROAM Mobility was also there to supply thirsty and hungry gamers with treats and beverages, but to also show BCIT Students how to save money on their US Roaming fees. In fact, Futurelooks and MEGATechNews have saved hundreds of dollars in US Roaming fees with them, allowing us to upload photos from events that we go to such as PAX Prime , E3 Expo and CES, immediately as we take them. Rather than “Latergramming” them at a time when we find ourselves in a WiFi zone.

We’re Coming Back In The Fall for the LAN Party!

Because of the amazing response from the students, you can bet that Futurelooks and MEGATechNews along with our best community supporting sponsors (and friends), will be back again this Fall to help one of the fastest growing LAN parties that we’ve ever heard of, grow again. The first year we went to the 2012 Spring BCIT LAN party, there were around 60 – 70 people. Then this past Spring 2013, the BCIT Student Association welcomed over 150 people to their event.

This wouldn’t be possible without both the support of the students and the support of companies such as GIGABYTE and ADATA Technology leading the way. And at the Fall 2013 event, the organizers are already gunning for a record of 200 people. It looks like we’ll need a bigger venue for this!

Check out our Facebook Gallery from the event for more photos and also see the coverage from MEGATechNews. Hope to catch you at the next event, whether it be at BCIT or at a LAN party near you!

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