Cars are full of tech. But for Canadians, the most significant tech upgrades are the ones you roll on. On Our Podcast Show this week, we discuss how the wrong ones at the wrong time of the year can disappoint you. And how technology has advanced to give winter tires a clear advantage in not just places that get a lot of snow.


00:00 – Intro

02:26 – When do most car accidents happen in Canada?

03:17 – Who is Nokian?

04:31 – Who is Kal Tire?

05:02 – Why do I need to use winter tires?

06:14 – What is a winter tire?

07:50 – At what temperature do winter tires perform best?

08:52 – Why were winter tires invented?

09:49 – What is siping on tires?

11:54 – What are the advantages of winter tires?

12:18 – What does the M+S symbol on tires mean?

13:00 – What does the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) Symbol mean?

14:15 – Do you get more for your money with winter tires?

14:56 – What’s it like to drive on winter tires?

17:01 – What is the difference between summer and winter tires?

18:56 – What is the definition of a car accident?

20:13 – Is it expensive to change to winter tires?

22:04 – Where can I store my winter tires?

25:07 – Do UK drivers change to winter tires?

26:30 – Can winter tires help save lives?

28:35 – What is the law for winter tires in BC?

30:43 – Do winter tires lower my insurance costs?

35:18 – What’s it like driving to Whistler in the winter?

37:39 – What kind of technology is used in winter tires?

39:45 – Why do most accidents occur in the winter?

41:03 – What are all-weather tires?

44:22 – Are all-weather tires more expensive?

45:08 – How often do you need to change your tires?

47:34 – Is it better to get winter tires?

49:49 – What happens if I drive on winter tires year-round?

54:00 – Is it a good idea to have a dash cam?

56:35 – How will winter tires affect driving an EV?

58:01 – What are the tips for winter tires on EVs?

59:31 – Are winter tires cheaper for smaller wheels?

01:00:15 – What type of winter tires do I need?

01:03:38 – Do I swap winter tires or wheels in the winter?

01:05:17 – Why is tire pressure critical in the winter?

01:06:49 – Do EVs wear through winter tires faster?

01:08:00 – Is it okay to buy second-hand winter tires?

01:08:35 – How do you measure tire tread depth?

01:09:53 – What is pre-conditioning in an EV?

01:11:30 – What are the best tips for winter driving?

01:12:48 – Is there any reason not to change to winter tires?

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