Your PC is faster than you think! We’ll tell you how to unlock all that performance!

On Our Podcast Show this week, Stephen and Winston, with our guest Kingston Rex, unlock all the secrets of upgrading your Windows PC and more. So, if you’ve ever had that sinking feeling that your PC is too slow and an even worse feeling of having to buy a new PC, this is the podcast you need to listen to now.

PLUS, we’ll share everything we’ve learned over the decades to help you get the most out of your hardware today. But if you do need to buy a new machine, we’ve got some tips to help you buy more computers with a lot less money, pronto!


00:00 – Intro

03:23 – Where are the memory slots on a motherboard?

04:01 – Which memory slots do populate first?

04:52 – What is a motherboard QVL list?

05:26 – What is the advantage of faster memory speed?

07:06 – Why buy a pre-built system with less memory?

08:06 – Can I mix and match memory?

08:41 – Can my motherboard support high-speed RAM?

10:40 – What are XMP and EXPO memory?

12:00 – Why should you upgrade an old PC?

15:03 – How do I upgrade to an NVME SDD on my PC?

17:23 – How fast is NVME vs SATA SSDs?

19:25 – Why upgrade RAM on an old PC?

20:04 – Can I run high-speed RAM on an old PC?

20:31 – When should you upgrade the power supply on an old PC?

21:35 – When should I upgrade my CPU cooler?

23:22 – Should I add more fans to my PC?

24:07 – How can I run Windows 11 without TPM?

26:52 – What does a clean install of Windows do?

28:04 – Does upgrading RAM or SSD void the warranty?

29:11 – Can I upgrade the RAM or SSD on a PC laptop?

33:00 – Is it easy to upgrade laptop RAM?

34:37 – How do you enable dual-channel memory on a laptop?

36:25 – Can you upgrade the RAM on the Microsoft Surface laptop?

37:30 – Can you add more RAM to a Dell laptop?

38:25 – What can I do with the spare NVME SSD from my old laptop?

42:26 – Are DDR4 and DDR5 SO-DIMMs the same?

42:50 – How do I clean dust from my laptop?

44:16 – Why should I re-paste the thermal compound on a laptop?

47:01 – When should I re-install Windows?

48:51 – How fast are external SSD drives?

50:52 – Tips and tricks for tackling any PC upgrade.

52:10 – How do you install DDR5 RAM?

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