We’re still working through our product announcements from Computex, which is good because Streacom decided to announce more products. They are showcasing another fanless cube case, though this one is a little more traditional. The Streacom DB2 is much like the DB4 we posted about, but it much more closely resembles a standard computer case.

The Streacom DB2 is still a fully fanless case, with heat being dissipated using the side heatsinks. The case also has an identifiable front bezel and rear slots. The specifications haven’t actually been finalized yet, but the DB2 should at least be able to handle CPUs with up to 95W TDP with support for both Nano and Zeroflex PSUs.

Streacom expects to launch the DB2 in its final form in Q1 2017, with a price tag of approximately $200 USD.

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Also on display at Computex 2016 is an early prototype of the DB2, a compact fanless ITX case with a more convention form but still uniquely Streacom design. Specifications have not been finalized yet, but the current unit measures 280x280x190, can accommodate 3 x 3.5” or 6 x 2.5” drives, will support both Nano and Zeroflex PSUs, can handle CPU’s with up to 95W TDP, and of course is constructed with the usual high grade sandblast finished all aluminium material. The DB2 is expected to launch Q1 2017 and priced around €180


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