As I sit here, typing up this article on my humble two monitor setup connected to a single computer, I wonder if I can miraculously become so much more productive if I just start adding more monitors to my desk. And then, I get introduced to the new Dell 43 Ultra HD 4K Multi-Client Monitor (P4317Q) and wonder why I would bother with a multi-monitor setup at all when I can have four full HD monitors shoved into a single display. And what if all four “monitors” can accept input from different sources?

This thing is a monster and it’s nowhere near as cumbersome as building a six monitor array on your own. The Dell 43 is a single 43-inch display with a Ultra HD 4K resolution. That’s pretty great on its own, but what makes it particularly unique is that it’s a multi-client monitor. What this means is that you can connect up to four independent clients to it, giving each its own quadrant.

It’s like working on four computers at the same time. It can also be configured to act like two side-by-side setups or it can be unified into one really big display if you prefer. Even better, the Dell 43 can switch between each of these modes quickly and efficiently, making it easy to swap from an epic gaming session to TPS report overload.


The Dell 43 is actually the company’s first multi-client monitor, which is almost surprising given its strong presence in the corporate environment. Just look at all those graphs that guy is handling. The added plus, which goes a little over my head, is the RS232 connection that provides both power and data. It’s supposed to make things easier for IT departments. And by using one big monitor instead of four smaller ones, you’ll use about 30% less power too.

The Dell 43 Multi-Client Monitor can be found for $1,349.99 on and is shipping now.

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