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On Our Podcast Show this week, we recap last week’s Apple event that interrupted dinner time. The event announced their new M3 Silicon. Which will find its way into their new line of Macbook Pros. But is it crazy or fast, and what is this 2X business, and what does it even mean? Is it better at night? And why launch new laptops just 10 months after the M2 Pro and M2 Max devices? And there was an iMac too.


00:00 – Intro

01:56 – Is Apple M3 better than M2?

03:17 – Why does Apple compare the M3 vs Intel?

04:07 – What chip is used in Apple Mac Pro?

06:31 – Can I still get an M2 Macbook Pro?

07:58 – Are PCs easy to upgrade?

08:46 – Can you upgrade the Macbook Pro after purchase?

10:13 – What’s the spec of the 14-inch M3 Macbook Pro?

12:37 – Does the M3 Macbook Pro have all-day battery life?

13:06 – Can I use an SD card on M3 MacBook Pro?

14:36 – What storage is on the M3 Macbook Pro?

14:55 – What’s the price of the highest M3 Macbook Pro?

15:57 – Is the M3 Macbook Pro good for gaming?

16:39 – Which M3 Macbook Pro is suitable for content creators?

18:44 – How much is the 14-inch M3 Macbook Pro?

20:51 – What’s the spec of the 16-inch M3 Macbook Pro?

23:02 – How much is the 16-inch M3 Macbook Pro?

24:19 – What’s the spec of the M3 iMac?

25:13 – What do Apple benchmarks mean?

27:35 – What’s the price of the M3 iMac?

27:54 – Is 8GB RAM enough on a M3 Macbook Pro?

29:33 – How many Thunderbolt ports are on the M3 iMac?

31:57 – Was the Apple M3 event filmed on an iPhone?

33:02 – Does Kingston XS1000/XS2000 work on iPhone 15 Pro?

35:05 – What was impressive about the Apple M3 event?

36:07 – Why doesn’t Apple make a standalone camera?

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