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Dead PC Gaming Goes Full Zombie Apocolypse


We have been told every year now, just before the release of any major title or new console, that PC gaming is dead. This belief goes from the executives at AAA title-making companies all the way on down to us PC gamers. We have always found that hard to believe and Intel agrees with us, stating that they estimate there …

ASUS X99 Deluxe LGA2011-3 ATX Motherboard Review

ASUS X99 Deluxe Haswell-E Motherboard Review 7

Intel’s new Haswell-E CPU series (reviewed here) and its accompanying X99 chipset launch has had its challenges. Originally, Haswell-E was going to get a completely new socket. Although the new LGA2011-3 is not backwards compatible with previous CPUs, it does work with all coolers that worked with standard LGA2011 sockets from the X79 platform. Those late in the …

ENERMAX TwisterStorm Will Move More Hot Air Than Your Tall-Tale-Telling Uncle


Admittedly it’s rather hard to get all hot and bothered by a fan announcement, but ENERMAX always manages to keep us excited with their latest blowers. The new TwisterStorm series of fans is no different, being a dialed back version of the higher air pressure based TwisterPressure.

This fan features speed controls that allow you to choose from speeds of …

Filling Our Tech Nook with Mashups and Partnerships


We see a lot of competition in the world of computers and technology. Intel vs. AMD, Samsung vs. Apple, Gigabyte vs. Asus… the list goes on and on. At the same time, we’ve also seen that when companies work together on projects, the end product can be that much better, even if it comes from the unlikeliest of alliances.


The Futurelooks Tour of PAX Prime 2014

Futurelooks PAX Prime 2014 Seattle 22

Just this weekend, PAX Prime 2014 hosted some 80,000+ gamers, exhibitors, and vendors at the Seattle Convention Center. This is one of the few venues you’ll never hear bickering as to which is best because everyone there simply loves to game.

Thousands ambled through several exhibition halls looking at the latest in console and PC based video games. Sadly, most …

Alienware Area-51 Desktop PC Is Out of This World


Go back a couple of decades and you’ll find that just about every desktop computer was a generic beige box. Thank goodness those days are behind us. We’ve got all sorts of innovative case companies making all sorts of unique computer cases. In the case of the Apple Mac Pro, we got the weird trash can design. If you …

Seagate Dares You to Fill Its Newest 8TB Hard Drive


Remember when you never thought you’d never be able to fill that brand new 4TB drive? Yeah, how’d that turn out for you? Well you’re in luck. Seagate has announced the release of an 8TB hard drive, giving you even more room for all your “backups.”

Actually, this new drive will fall into Seagate’s enterprise product line and will contain …