OneNote 2013 Adds More Free Stuff

If you're in search for a way to remove as much paper clutter from your life as possible, you might have come across OneNote 2013, which is a free app from Microsoft. It works very much like a notebook, excep... Continued

Nutella Thermal Paste – Does it Work?

February 5th was World Nutella Day. A day that celebrates that spreadable chocolate nuttiness that some people like to put on their toast, crepes, and even pancakes. And while it hasn't been limited to those ... Continued

Seagate Thunderbolt Drives Are No More

Thunderbolt (formerly known as Lightpeak before Apple "reinvented" it) is an interesting technology that does all sorts of things that USB 3.0 doesn't do. For starters, it has a whole ton more bandwidth, it's... Continued