February 5th was World Nutella Day. A day that celebrates that spreadable chocolate nuttiness that some people like to put on their toast, crepes, and even pancakes. And while it hasn’t been limited to those uses in culinary circles, one place where you never think to use it is as thermal paste.

The folks at Cooler Master decided to find out if Nutella’s spreadable properties, could potentially make it a good thermal paste. They filled a syringe, put about a grain of rice worth paste on the centre of the die on an AMD FX-8150 CPU, just to see what would happen.

While those results are impressive for a food condiment, it’s worth noting that you probably shouldn’t leave it on for long. The chocolates and nuts will just burn, and eventually, any short term heat conduction effects, will evaporate.

However, in an emergency, it’s nice to know that Nutella does work as a short term fix. Though it would be fun if it could be repackaged as Nutella Thermal Paste as a quick mid-overclocking snack.

For the sake of science, have any of you tried any thermal compound alternatives, and come away impressed with the results?

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