Today we’ve got an unboxing of the highly anticipated follow up to one of last year’s hottest gaming products. It’s called the G1.Killer Assassin 2 from GIGABYTE’s highly decorated G1.Killer series. The G1.Killer Assassin 2¬†features INTEL’s brand new X79 chipset with an LGA2011 socket change. One major benefit is the switch back to the standard ATX form factor from the previous XL-ATX Assassin. This alone ensures the new Assassin 2 will fit in a lot more computer cases.

The Assassin 2 offers just the right amount of features that focus directly on high end gaming including 4 DIMM slots supporting up to 2133MHz DDR3 memory. Add an integrated Creative Labs X-Fi 20K2 audio processor, Bigfoot Killer E2100 NIC and 3-way NVIDIA or AMD CrossfireX PCI express support means you no longer have an excuse for getting “pwned” by an opponent. Missing is the Quad GPU support that the predecessor had, but in reality, most mainstream gamers do not run more than two GPUs due to various glitches with games.

Gamers who need just a little more power will be pleased that the Assassin 2 offers a more aggressive overclocking compared to its predecessor. While not an advertised feature, we were happy to see the motherboard get our Core i7-3960X over 4.6GHz without much effort. With all the great audio, network and PCIE expansion possibilities coupled with the extra overclocking, users should find the $389 US price tag is a bargain compared to upgrading all these items on your own.

We had a great time testing the new Assassin 2 as it gave us an excuse for a little video game action. We’ll have the full review on Futurelooks coming up soon. In the meantime enjoy the video above or directly on YouTube.

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