If you’re in search for a way to remove as much paper clutter from your life as possible, you might have come across OneNote 2013, which is a free app from Microsoft. It works very much like a notebook, except, it’s all digital, and you’re not killing trees (unless you print it). You can embed photos and if you’re using a Surface Pro or any Windows 8 tablet, you can even put your “napkin sketches” right in there too.  It really does do a lot, and it’s about to do more.

In addition to all the wonderful things it already does now, the Office Team has added the following new free features starting with the next update, including password protected sections, page history, and audio & video recording.  I like the ability to password protect because it still allows you to share the document, while hiding your own notations. The audio and video recording I can see used in the classroom, or even, in the lab, so you can document experiments.

Two other features that are really cool on the new free stuff list, is the audio search. This allows you to search for a word in any voice and video recording. Or course, this means that Microsoft has snooped through your document in the cloud, to find these things, but the convenience cannot be ignored.

Finally, OneNote finally adds the ability to insert Office documents and other files directly into your notebook.

You’re still going to have to save to OneDrive as offline saving is still not a feature of this version. However, there are no limits on the number of notes you can write and sync.

Source: Microsoft Office Blogs

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