New Microsoft Windows Formula: 7 + 8 = 9

There has been a lot of talk about Microsoft Windows 9 in the past few months, mostly about how Microsoft plans to merge the Metro UI with the classic desktop, complete with the beloved Start menu. As Jason poi... Continued

Sierra Entertainment Is Back from the Grave

Sierra Entertainment has been around, in one form or another, for 30+ years. They have had a major influence on the gaming industry and contributed a lot to the gaming industry's history. After several major fi... Continued

Video Games Are My Drug of Choice

Have you even heard a game audio queue like an explosion, door opening, or a certain sound you only hear in that one game, but in real life? Has it ever seemed so real you look around to see where it came from?... Continued

ASUS ROG Announces the Maximus VII Formula

Many people were curious about the prizes being given away in the Republic of Gamer Overclocking competition. Well, now we have more details about the one of the amazing motherboards they will be giving awa... Continued