Have you even heard a game audio queue like an explosion, door opening, or a certain sound you only hear in that one game, but in real life? Has it ever seemed so real you look around to see where it came from? Well, you are not crazy. Actually you could be crazy, but those sounds aren’t part of it. Actually, I am no doctor, so let’s just go with you are not alone as I personally have experienced this as well.

Scientists at Nottingham Trent University have been conducting studies into this video game transfer phenomenon. In a test group of 1500+ players who played a game for an extended period, 12% experienced transfer. That is quite high considering how many people play video games now. For some, this has caused sleep issues, erratic behavior, and an illogical sense of fear or dread. So far, the hallucinations seem to be limited to audio.

All is not lost as these issues seem to be short-lived and not dangerous. So, there is nothing to worry about if Marcus Fenix is still barking orders to you on your commute. There is also a very easy cure: cut back on your play time. Seriously, the Creepers, the Zerg, the Corporation, and the Secret Den of Super Ninja Pirate Zombies will all be waiting for you to come back, so you don’t need to finish the mission right now.

Sources: NTU

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