IBM is moving us closer and closer toward our computers ruling the world. They are working on a computer system that is modeled after the human brain. This means the computer will take input from an array of sensors–auditory, visual, etc.–and process it the way the human mind does.

The entire concept of IBM’s new 4096 core “brain chip” is completely different from the von Neumann architecture we use for all other computers. For example, if we used Siri or any automated search system in a crowded room, you will get a message like “unable to understand request.” If I do the same thing with a blind folded person, they will be able to provide suggestions about where I am, what I might be doing, and how many people are there. IBM is trying to use something like the former to achieve the latter.

This was my way of dumbing down what IBM is doing and you can get more details from the article below. We just think it is awesome that we could be reaching the next step toward a truly artificial intelligence. All the TV show references we could have made has me excited; however, all the movies we watched make us a little scared. Why are computer A.I. so awesome in TV, but so evil in movies?


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