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Peter Griffin. Danny Tanner. Anakin “Darth Vader” Skywalker. Homer Simpson. Al Bundy. What do these iconic fictional characters have in common? They’re all dads! Unfortunately, shopping for our real life fathers isn’t quite so easy most days. Some would say downright impossible!

Not every dad is going to appreciate a static-inducing red suit, a new vacuum cleaner, a new deep breathing apparatus, or even eCards for Father’s Day. So, just as we offered a guide to Mothers’ Day gifts for those techie Moms, it’s time to see what presents you can give to your techie old man on Fathers’ Day . We’ve got gifts for all kinds of dads that love their gadgets.

For the Outdoor Dad: Night Vision Binoculars

Let’s say your dad is the kind of guy who enjoys loading up the pickup truck and heading into the great outdoors for a camping trip. Maybe he likes doing to some nighttime hunting with his rifle. Maybe he likes to explore dark caves filled with bats. Maybe he fishes at night. Maybe he retrieves old golf balls as the country club.

If any of these fit the description of your old man, then he’ll likely enjoy the Bushnell NIGHTVISION binoculars. These bad boys offer a rugged and compact design, but the built-in infrared illuminator provides “enhanced images in very low light.”

Since you’ll be using it outside, it’s also good to see that its rubber armored and should withstand the usual wilderness abuse. Find it at your favorite retailer for about $600.

For the Pyromaniac Dad: MicroJet Torch

A regular lighter that you can buy from the dollar store isn’t much of a Fathers’ Day gift. For a little more fire without breaking the bank, take a look at the MicroJet Lighter Torch. This thing takes your typical disposable lighter and amplifies it to become a blue flamed torch. Blue flames!

Unlike other seemingly similar torches, this one can be fueled by dollar store lighters instead of those really expensive replacement cartridges. Just syphon the fluid out of lesser lighters and go. It’s kind of like the Mr. Fusion of all lighters.

The MicroJet Lighter Torch sells on ThinkGeek for about twenty of the old US greenbacks.

For the Gadget-Touting Dad: SCOTTeVEST

Maybe your dad is as much of a gadget geek as you are. Maybe he can’t leave home without his digital camera, Nokia smartphone, and Apple iPad in tow. At the same time, he’s fashion-conscious enough to avoid “European carry-all” bags. Not to mention, it took you all of last year to explain to him why holsters were no longer cool. That’s where the geeky travel clothing from ScottEVest comes into the equation.

From the outside, they look like clothing you may otherwise buy from a place like Eddie Bauer. The timeless looks don’t even get a second glance as you move about doing your every day things. Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll discover a multitude of pockets that are perfect for carrying your plethora of gadgets and gizmos. They’re even handy for frequent flying dads that need to make it quickly through airport security without emptying all those pockets.

Take the Pack Windbreaker ($75), for example. Believe it or not, this jacket has no fewer with 17 pockets. In fact, it can be folded into its own back pocket! ScottEVest also has other styles available to replace that ratty old coat that Dad has been hanging onto, from fleece to even hoodies.

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