Antec ISK600M Goes Big with Small Form Factor

Let's face it. The days of super small, book-sized PC cases is over and it is time to look to the future. If you need something that is small enough to hide behind a monitor, you get a pre-built mini PC. Yo... Continued

Intel Owes You $15 and AMD 15 Years of Sales

Do you remember owning your first Pentium 4 processor about 15 years ago? I don't, because I have been with AMD since my AMD K6, so this isn't for me. Everyone else I am sure had a Pentium 4 because it was ... Continued

Razer Creates Truly Epic Mouse for MMO Gamers

Have you ever wanted something just because it was the biggest, baddest thing in its class? We are all guilty of this at some point in time. We have all built that $10,000+ gaming system wishlist just to se... Continued

Western Digital: WD Purple Is the New Black

Mechanical hard drives will never die, it would seem. Every time solid state drives makes a move forward in capacity, pushing mechanical out of the market, they push back. The tried and true Western Digital... Continued

CYBERPOWERPC Bares Its Fangs to All Competition

Gaming is not just a pastime; gaming is a way of life. Sure, we do all kinds of things on our computers. Our PCs are TVs, music players, workstations, phones, and so on; however, the games are what keep str... Continued