If you don’t recall, we had some new blood join the PC high-performance community with their first ever CPU cooler. We also got a glimpse at the Cryorig H5 and H7 at COMPUTEX 2014 and it sparked an interest here at Futurelooks. Well, Cryorig wasn’t satisfied and they’ve decided to come into the market guns blazing by changing the market itself with the Animated Installation Guide to accompany the H5.

Cryorig decided to forgo the ancient method of squinting real hard, rotating the pictures, and cursing at the indecipherable images you get from most install guides. Now you can go to their site, which has beautiful full color GIF images for each step. If the picture is not enough, you can click to get a brief demo. And, you can see all this long before the cooler arrives so you are ready to go when it does.

We applaud Cryorig for bring some much-needed innovation to installation guides, not to mention what promises to be an amazing CPU cooler to boot. The H5 Universal will be released on August in Asia and September in North America and Europe. The suggested retail price of the H5 Universal is set at 34.00 Euro in Europe and 46.99 USD in North America. More details and a link to the guide below.

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Introducing the CRYORIG H5 Universal Tower CPU Cooler and Industry first Animated Installation Guide

07-30-2014 – First introduced during the 2014 Taipei Computex, the innovator of PC thermal peripherals CRYORIG is now releasing the H5 Universal as part of a new line of single tower coolers. CRYORIG H Series will for the first time feature CRYORIG’s proprietary Hive Fin™ technology. The Hive Fin™ design allows for turbulence reduction of the airflow as well as Jet Fin Acceleration™ for faster hot air exhaust. CRYORIG’s H series will fit into the mainstream range within CRYORIG’s lineup. Similar to the high-class R1 Universal, H5 Universal will be equipped with CRYORIG’s XT140 slim profile fan for zero ram interference on Intel/AMD platforms. With a total height of 160 mm, the H5 Universal will be able to fit into almost all mainstream PC chassis setups.

“With our new H series of heatsinks, we are again trying to bring innovative solutions in improving our products. Our new Hive Fin™ design allows for improved airflow intake as well as better airflow management. Besides innovative optimizations, we truly want the H series to be a cost effect solution. We want to bring the premium build quality and detailed designs of our higher-end product lines to the mainstream user. So you’ll find a lot of CRYORIG proprietary tech from our flagship R1 and C1 series on the H5 and the later H series heatsinks. If the H5 Universal is your first CRYORIG product, you’ll be surprised by CRYORIG’s attention to performance and detail, even more so at this price range.” – Alex W. Co-Founder of CRYORIG.

The H5 Universal CPU utilized the XL Surface Area, where the fin surface area is being extended to the back. In result, phenomenal cooling performance can be achieved compared to common Dual Tower coolers and heatsinks. H5 Universal is equipped with four pure copper heatpipes with 6 mm diameter. The nickel-plated baseplate is made of pure solid copper and uses the Heatpipe Convex-Align™ technology, which allows the heatpipes to be concentrated directly above the center of the CPU.

Industry first Animated Installation Guide

Along with the H5 Universal, CRYORIG is introducing an industry first, step-by-step, segmented video installation guide. With the new Animated Guide, users will be able to get a clear and easy view on how to install their CRYORIG H5 Universal correctly. The Animated Guide broken down into individual steps for easy viewing and access. Allowing users to view and repeat each step along the way. The guide is also accessible on all mobile smart devices through CRYORIG’s Animated Guide is an easy to use companion for all system builders. The Animated Guide will first be made available for the new H5 Universal, and soon to be released for all CRYORIG products.

CRYORIG H5 Universal Feature List

  • Proprietary Hive Fin™ Design
  • JetFin Acceleration System™ For Faster Hot Air Exhaust
  • Air Turbulence Reduction System
  • Heatpipe Convex-Align™
  • 4x 6 mm Pure Copper Heatpipes
  • 1x XT140 140 mm Slim Profile PWM Fan With HPLN™ Bearing
  • Patent Pending Solder-less Environmental Friendly Manufacturing
  • Maximum 6-Year Warranty Upon Product Registration

The H5 Universal will be released on August in Asia and September in North America and Europe. Suggested Retail Price of the H5 Universal is set at 34.00 Euro in Europe and 46.99 USD in North America.

CRYORIG H5 Universal – Animated Installation Guide


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