With a highly anticipated chipset launch coming very soon, I’m sure many of you will want to know whether your upgrade to the Intel 6th generation chipset will be a smooth one. Especially if you’re hauling many of your old components including, potentially, your RAM, CPU cooler and power supply with you. With all the power supply incompatibilities with the previous generation Haswell making more than one company come out and explain themselves, you have to wonder this time around. Well, Corsair is getting ahead of the curve with a statement on compatibility with their parts and the upcoming new parts from Intel and their partners.

First off, Intel’s 6th generation chipset will feature support for DDR4 memory, pushing mainstream enthusiasts into the new memory architecture, that was introduced with the X99 platform launch. While most enthusiast boards will have support for the faster memory, a few select companies have decided to also support DDR3L memory. Corsair has stated that their DDR4 and DDR3L memory has been validated and it’ll be good to go when the boards start hitting the market.

Since the next chipset will trot out the new LGA1151 socket, many are wondering if current LGA1150 based coolers will work. The answer is they will work no problem. In fact, Corsair is saying that their entire line up of liquid coolers will be 100% compatible and will require no new hardware or adapters to work. So go ahead and uninstall then reinstall (with fresh thermal paste) on your next generation platform.

Finally, power supplies gave many manufacturers a pain in the ass during the Haswell roll out. Well, this time around, Corsair says all of their current power supplies will be supported. So chances are, if your power supply was Haswell compatible, then it too will be compatible with Intel’s latest and greatest.

Full press release is below.


Corsair Memory, PSUs, and CPU Coolers Pave the Way for Next Gen PC Processors

All Corsair Hydro Series CPU coolers, power supplies, and memory lines validated and ready for next generation PCs

FREMONT, California —July 28th, 2015 — Corsair®,  a leader in high-performance PC hardware, today announced the availability of a comprehensive product line-up supporting the upcoming 6th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processors and motherboards based on the Intel® Z170 chipsets. All of Corsair’s current liquid CPU coolers and PC power supplies will be compatible with the new Intel desktop platform, along with a full line of validated DDR4 and DDR3L memory kits.

Corsair DDR4/DDR3L Memory

Corsair has long been a leader in high-performance PC memory, playing a decisive part in dozens of current overclocking world records. Now the company brings this expertise and experience to support Intel’s upcoming new enthusiast desktop platform, delivering higher clock frequencies, increased memory bandwidth and lower power usage with Dominator® Platinum and Vengeance® LPX DDR4, and Vengeance LP and Vengeance Pro DDR3L memory lines. All memory kits are extensively validated with leading motherboard manufacturers to ensure maximum compatibility and easy configuration and overclocking with XMP 2.0 profiles. All of the Corsair memory kits are supplied with a limited lifetime warranty.

Corsair Hydro Series Liquid CPU coolers

All of Corsair’s award-winning Hydro Series™ liquid CPU coolers support the new and improved the 6th Gen Intel Core processors, as well as AMD and previous generation Intel CPUs, with no additional modifications, brackets, shims or adapters. From the affordable and reliable Hydro Series H55, to the dual-fan powered cooling of the H110i GTX, all Corsair Hydro Series liquid coolers are ready to deliver superior cooling, enabling higher overclocking speeds and quieter operation.

Corsair PC Power Supplies

As the most awarded and recommended PC power supply brand in the world1, Corsair is proud to announce that all of the company’s current range of power supplies will be compatible with 6th Gen Intel Core processors and Intel Z170 chipset based motherboards. With a wide range of efficiencies and features available, customers can select any PSU from the Corsair range, from the no-compromise 80 Plus Titanium AX1500i, to the affordable 80 Plus Bronze CX550 with the knowledge that their PSU is extensively tested for compatibility and ready to fuel the next generation of enthusiast PCs with stable, efficient power.

For more information about compatibility with for current and next generation processors, please visit www.corsair.com.

About Corsair

Founded in 1994, Corsair supplies high performance products purchased primarily by PC gaming enthusiasts who build their own PCs or buy pre-assembled customized systems. The company’s award-winning products include DDR3 memory upgrades, USB flash drives, power supply units, solid-state drives, PC speakers, gaming headsets, gaming keyboards, laser gaming mice, system monitoring and control devices, PC cooling products, and computer cases.

1 Most awarded based on reviews tracked on sites techpowerup.com and www.realhardtechx.com.

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