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Futurelooks Checks Out the 2012 Vancouver Gaming Expo (Video)


This weekend Futurelooks was out at the Vancouver Gaming Expo, which is the close cousin to the Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo which took place back in March. Because of the huge success of the first event, the organizers decided to create another event that celebrated more modern gaming and combined vendors, fun tournaments, educational panels, a bit of cosplay, and …

The NZXT. Premium Cables Starter Kit Reviewed

The NZXT. Premium Cables Starter Kit Reviewed

Let me start off this review by pointing out the picture above. That is your standard 24 pin ATX power connector. Inside a mainly white and black case, it definitely clashes. The tight bundling of the cables as well as their potential to be too short to reach the top of your motherboard in some full tower cases, can also …

CLOSED! – Who Wants to Win a 32GB Kingston Wi-Drive for their Apple iOS or Android Device? (Video)


Congratulations to Affiliateian (http://www.youtube.com/affiliateian). He was the winner of the Kingston 32GB Wi-Drive. Stay tuned for some major prizes in 2012! We’ve only just begun! Happy Holidays!

Last week, Mike Smith from Kingston Technology stopped by the Futurelooks Studio to show off three great gifts that no computer enthusiast will be taking back for a refund this holiday season. One …

LANcouver 2011 – Futurelooks Presents the Kingston HyperX Keyboard Hucking (Chucking) Challenge (Video Coverage)


While most people at LANcouver 2011 were friendly, there were some that really needed to work off some anger or redeem themselves from the previous night’s G1-Killer Endurance Challenge. At this year’s inaugural Kingston HyperX Keyboard Hucking (Chucking) Challenge, many people put their best rage quits to the test as we looked to crown the grand champion of this …