On Our Podcast Show this week, Winston joins the EV revolution, and Stephen gets pelted with questions that a new electric vehicle owner might ask. He reaches deep into his EV driving experience and knowledge of the space to answer twenty surprise questions from his co-host. Let’s see how good Stephen is at his EV knowledge!


00:00 – What questions should a new EV owner ask?

01:24 – What new EV adventures has Stephen gone on?

06:02 – Is it the right time to buy an EV?

08:04 – What are the best EVs to buy in 2023?

11:03 – Why will EV adoption proliferate rapidly?

13:24 – Are there any EV brands you should avoid?

15:42 – Will we ever have EVs with a 1000+ km range?

18:29 – Is driving an EV good for the environment?

22:01 – Why do EVs have different drive modes?

24:29 – At what percentage should I charge my EV?

27:24 – How will I know if an EV battery has a problem?

29:46 – Should I apply new software updates for an EV?

31:47 – The difference between driving an EV in summer vs. winter.

35:28 – Do all Level 2 chargers operate on 240 volts?

37:51 – The differences between 40A, 32A, 24A and 16A EV chargers.

40:01 – How can I install an EV charger if I don’t have a 240V outlet?

40:45 – Are all public EV charging stations the same?

42:57 – Can Tesla charging stations work on other EVs?

43:55 – How much does it cost monthly to charge your EV?

47:30 – What are the repair and maintenance costs of an EV?

51:16 – Are there purchase rebates on EVs in Canada?

52:06 – What is an HOV sticker? Do you need to get one?

53:37 – How long should I keep my EV?

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