On Our Podcast Show this week, we celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month in Canada. Stephen and Winston talk about all the threats and some ways to protect yourself. We even have a UK cybersecurity expert helping us understand the more complex concepts. But the real question is, does he work for MI6? And is M his boss?


00:00 – Intro

01:56 – Who are the most susceptible to cyber-attacks?

02:34 – Does our guest work for MI6?

04:25 – What’s the most common form of cyber-attack?

05:26 – What are browser session cookies?

08:13 – What are governments doing to counter cybercrime?

10:20 – Has there been an increase in cyber-attacks recently?

11:36 – What is Whaling?

12:32 – How good is the Kingston Ironkey Keypad 200 USB drive?

15:28 – What is Ransomware?

18:26 – Why is it important to back up your data?

19:58 – Are online email services good at removing spam?

21:40 – What is a DDOS attack?

26:02 – If unsure, don’t click on any links in the email!

27:43 – What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

31:42 – What types of user authentication are available?

33:15 – How good are Authenticator apps?

34:51 – is the Kingston Ironkey a good travel companion?

38:09 – Why should I use long passwords?

39:44 – Why shouldn’t you use unsecured public wifi?

42:32 – Why should I use the Kingston Ironkey to store my passwords?

44:00 – If your data is important, back it up!

46:07 – How to win a Kingston Ironkey Keypad 200 USB drive!

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