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CES 2015 Coverage – Seagate Shows Ultra-Thin SEVEN, LaCie Rugged RAID, and Mirror USB Hard Drives (Video)


Seagate was once again showing off some new products for CES 2015. This year is a little special because 2015 marks the company’s 35th anniversary. In celebration of that, the company launched a new “evolution” of their branding (instead of calling it a re-branding), and launched a product that is a result of all the technology the company has accumulated …

CES 2015 Coverage – GIGABYTE Shows X99 SOC Champion Motherboard, New BRIX S, and the Aorus X5 Gaming Notebook (Video)


GIGABYTE continues to soldier on as the number one motherboard maker on occasion, with stiff competition from ASUS. And like ASUS, GIGABYTE has continued to branch out into different product categories. At CES 2015, we see their continued commitment to the PC enthusiasts and overclockers, but we also see great headway into product categories such at their BRIX mini PC …

ECS Elitegroup Goes from “Extreme” to “L337″ in Renewed Effort to Compete in PC DIY Space Again (Video)

ECS Newark - LIVA

A good number of years ago, ECS Elitegroup came to North America with a fire and passion that can only be described as “Extreme”. Armed with “purple” motherboards that shouted loudly inside systems, the company reached out to journalists and communities to get their name out there. Although their products weren’t the most refined, or the highest quality initially, they …