Futurelooks Microsoft Windows 10 Preview What We Didn't Like 8

So, Microsoft went ahead and formally announced Windows 10 a couple of weeks ago, opening the floodgates to the Windows 10 Technical Preview shortly thereafter. It’s not completely fair to say that they are offering this build of Windows as a public beta, but it may as well be. And if you were to frame it that way, you could also say that over one million people are now beta testing Windows 10.

Our very own hardware editor Eric Garay has already outlined several features that he likes and that he doesn’t like based on his experience with the Windows 10 Technical Preview thus far. The new Task View feature is pretty great, for example, while the OneDrive security flaws could be a cause for concern.

The more data that Microsoft can collect about actual real world usage with the Technical Preview, the better prepared they’ll be to nip any real problems in the bud before the official retail release of Windows 10, presumably some time next year. Thus far, Microsoft says that they’ve collected some 200,000 “pieces of user-initiated feedback” based on the Technical Preview, so that’s definitely something. If you want to have your say in what Windows 10 will look like, nab that preview build and have at ‘er.

Via MEGATechNews

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