Scientists have known for years the kind of light that causes eye strain, eye fatigue, and long-term damage due to overexposure. Don’t believe me? What do you think the technology behind all sunglasses for the last 30 years came from? We even have special glasses from Gunnar Optics to prevent these kinds of issues for those who look at computers all day. Well, AOC found it is easier to just build it into the source: the monitor.

The AOC Anti-Blue Light Technology is designed to minimize the cause of most eye strain, fatigue, and damage. The shortwave blue light (380 to 450 mm) from LED devices is a major contributor to vision impairment. While the patent is still pending, this promises to reduce the intensity and strenght of this light spectrum on LED backlight displays. AOC estimates they can reduce the blue light by 90% without sacrificing color fidelity.

This solution is a necessary thing with eye specialist Dr. Carl Kupfer predicting a rise of 6.3 million cases of sight loss caused by this. It took long enough, but I guess scientists finally realized that migraine medicine is cheaper if you don’t have to buy it.

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AOC’s New Anti-Blue Light Technology Helps Protect Eyes While at the Computer

Anti-blue light technology by AOC eliminates emissions of harmful blue-light to reduce the impact on eyes without sacrificing color quality

September 15, 2014 – AOC, a worldwide leader in display technology, is rolling out an innovative and patent-pending, solution called Anti-Blue Light technology to protect users against the damaging effects of blue light from LED-backlit computer screens. Like Ultra-Violet light waves (UV) from the sun, extended overexposure to shortwave blue light (380-450 nm) from LED-backlit devices can be a contributor to vision impairments.  The new technology, Anti-Blue-Light (ABL), enables users to enjoy a quality picture, brightness and color fidelity without subjecting their eyes to the prolonged detrimental impact of shortwave blue light exposure. The technology will be incorporated into new AOC 76V Series Anti-Blue Light displays announced this year.

The AOC patent-pending Anti-Blue Light technology reduces the intensity and strength of shortwave blue light by fine tuning the LED backlight to reduce eye-damaging shortwave blue light by over 90 percent. Unlike other solutions that use filters or software settings, AOC Anti-Blue Light technology reduces shortwave blue light without dimming or distorting colors to maintain the true color and clarity of your images.

Studies show that long-term, chronic exposure to blue light may lead to macular degeneration (AMD), a permanent loss of vision in the center of the eye due to damage to the retina.   As more people spend time in front of their screens, Dr. Carl Kupfer, former Director of the US National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health, predicts, “the prevalence of AMD is expected to rise 6.3 million by the year 2030.” Dr. Kupfer also indicates that “macular degeneration will soon take on aspects of an epidemic.”

“We believe that any technology that can help protect our users’ eyes, without forcing them to change their digital lifestyles will be highly welcome,” said Steve Young, AOC Marketing Manager.  “AOC’s Anti-Blue Light technology leads the industry in protecting consumers against the damaging effects of blue light and providing a safer and healthier workplace.”

Rather than filtering the blue light out, the Anti-Blue Light technology works by actually tweaking the blue light emissions of the display at the source, which makes it possible to reduce the detrimental impacts without compromising color quality or brightness.  This is achieved by a new LED technology that shifts the wavelength peak of the LED backlight from 450 nm to 460 nm, moving it out of the range which is considered harmful.


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