Have you ever looked at one of the ZOTAC ZBOX mini-PCs and thought to yourself that you wanted something even smaller? Following in the recent trend of devices like the Intel Compute Stick and Asus VivoStick, ZOTAC is now expanding its tiny computer lineup with the new ZBOX PI220 and ZBOX PI221, both of which are in the PC stick form factor.

Shaped like overgrown USB flash drives, the new ZBOX machines really are meant to provide the “functionality of a full size PC.” The basics are the same on both, including WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 3.0, along with 2GB of pre-installed memory, 32GB of eMMC storage and Windows 10 Home. Both come powered by a quad-core Intel Cherry Trail Atom chip and Intel HD graphics too.

The most noticeable difference is that the PI220 is actively cooled with a smart active micro fan, whereas the PI221 is passively cooled. Further details, hopefully including pricing and availability, should be revealed at Computex Taipei in less than a month. Check out the gallery, press release and spec sheet below.

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ZOTAC ZBOX Mini PC Has Even Smaller Footprint with new PC Stick

HONG KONG – May 12, 2016 – ZOTAC International, a global manufacturer of innovation, is pleased to introduce the dongle sized Mini PC, the ZOTAC PC Stick. Joining the lineup of pocket-sized PICO solutions, the PC Stick comes in two ready-to-go solutions: ZBOX PI220 and the award winning ZBOX PI221.

With space increasingly becoming a luxury, size is a critical factor in determining the solution for your needs. Often times this means compromising between size and functionality. The PI220 and PI221 pack the functionality of a full size PC in the form of a stick. Equipped with Intel’s 14nm Cherry Trail quad core processor, performance and power efficiency are improved over previous generation processors.

The PI220 and PI221 deliver the same network performance as users would expect from a full size PC. Both models come with 802.11ac WiFi capability with external antenna and a full size Ethernet port for an always-on connection. Bluetooth 4.0 also comes standard.
ZOTAC is pleased to introduce the high speed USB 3.0 to the tiniest computing solution. Both PI220 and PI221 are equipped with a USB 3.0 port, so users can expand storage space or connect peripherals to augment the PC’s functionality on the go. Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot is also a standard feature for quick data transfer or easy storage expansion.

The PI220 and PI221 are complete systems ready to go with pre-installed memory, storage and OS. The PI220 is an energy-sipping unit that is whisper quiet with a smart active micro fan, and the PI221 enables silent operation with a passively cooled solution and zero moving parts. Both models deliver desktop performance in a pocket-able form, and bundled with an HDMI extension cable for flexible connections.

The PI221 was awarded with the 2016 d&i awards (Best in Computers and Systems) by the iF World Design Guide. The ZOTAC ZBOX PI220 and the award winning PI221 will be displayed at the upcoming Taiwan Computex 2016.

Learn more: www.zotac.com/page/zbox-pc-stick



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