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Cooler Master, a very well known manufacturer of computer gaming peripherals, power supplies, and enclosures, has been teasing enthusiasts for weeks over a new case that was to be unveiled at PAX Prime 2013 this past weekend. As promised, they finally debuted the brand new case known as the HAF Stacker. This was the first time that that HAF Stacker was shown to the public and running a high end system inside. Futurelooks was at the show to cover the launch of this highly anticipated product.

What Is a HAF Stacker?

What makes this case special is that it consists of a two part chassis design based on the cosmetics of their HAF series of cases. The bottom chassis is a full tower while the smaller top chassis stacks on top. Both chassis have pass throughs built in that allow the user to use the top chassis for high end water cooling systems, power supplies, plus hard drives.

The smaller chassis can also house a completely self contained mini-ITX system as well which is really cool because it is now possible to have two systems in one case. This is useful for dividing the duties of two systems within the same foot print. For example, the enclosure could house a video editing system on the bottom, but a full featured mini-ITX gaming system on top.

Enthusiasts can stack as many of the smaller mini-Stackers as they want, within reason, as the height will eventually become a hazard. We interviewed Cooler Master at the show and give you the highlights in glorious HD in the video below…

If you’re having issues with viewing the video above, you can always view it right here on our YouTube Channel.

Take My Money Cooler Master!


The multi-purpose ,two-part enclosure will be available on October 15th in “HAF Black” for $169.99 US and $179.99 US for the windowed version (shown above in prototype form). The smaller HAF Stacker bottom chassis will be available for $69.99 US and will come in a front or rear mount power supply configuration. A windowed version will also be available for a few dollars more.

We can already envision the many different HAF Stacker mods given all the customizable features. Even the mini-Stacker may end up towering over all other LAN party gaming systems if configured correctly. The only thing missing on that is a removable, or optional handle which would help make it more portable. We definitely have plans to check out the possibilities on our own with a review coming up before launch.

What are your thoughts on the Cooler Master HAF Stacker? Do you think this case will be the one for you?

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