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You’re probably thinking you have plenty of time to hunt down some gifts for that special tech lover in your family. Maybe it’s a “Secret Santa” thing and you need something for co-worker. Or maybe you just hate malls and the crazy people in them during the holidays. In case you haven’t looked at the calendar, there’s only a week left till Christmas and you still have to find something to give.

Of course, the economy isn’t helping anyone’s paycheck or assisting in easing stress levels. How do you keep the gifts fun, thoughtful, yet affordable? Here are some ideas that should put that fun back into Christmas. They range from fun to really cool and are in no particular order so enjoy!

For Video Lovers

Flip HD

Video recording has never been more popular. It seems there’s someone recording something everywhere at every moment whether it be someone doing stunts, people dancing at the mall, or adding your daily explorations to YouTube.

Kodak Zi8

I’ve used a few mini video recorders like the Flip Mino and the Flip Ultra HD as well as the new Kodak Zi8 pocket sized video recorders. Any one of the regular Flip Mino and Flip Ultra HD or Mino HD recorders are arguably the easiest to work with in crowded, noisy areas since they record Mono audio only and give us resolutions up to 1280 x 720p. The Zi8 offers pretty decent Stereo recording as well as as an upgrade to 1080p video. Both support the most popular video formats which makes replaying video that much easier. The Flips take this up a notch by offering an extremely easy to use utility called Flip Share.

The Flip Video Line can be ordered directly from The Flip Website while the Kodak Zi8 can usually be found at NCIX or NewEgg though they seem to be scarce these days.

Useful Office Ideas

There are plenty of laptop accessories out there. However, this recent little find offers every useful laptop accessory we’ve all needed at one time or another all in one convenient little carrying case. Chances are that we still need one or two of the items in it now.

Laptop Essentials Kit

Included in the Laptop Essentials Kit are a Keypad, USB LED Light, Earbuds, USB Power Hub, USB Cabling, and Mouse. Either way, it’s one of the nicest little bundles I’ve seen guaranteed to accompany you on your business or personal travels. It’ll set you back around $49.95.

LCD Monitor Shelf

I recently found this LCD Monitor Shelf to be pretty handy. Or course, this is only one of many versions out there. This one just happened to offer a simple solution to a family member’s need for desk space. It also saved them from having to shell out another $100.00 for a new desk. It’s not a fun item, but it’s nice to save some money.  Expect to pay about $39.99 for this.

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