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Rosewill Wii Accesories - Front Standing 

When I first picked up the Nintendo Wii-mote I thought to myself, “Hmm, this controller would feel kinda clumsy if I had to swing a bat with both hands even though it is completely wireless.”  Maybe in not so many words, but you get the point.  It’s safe to say, “Never fear, Rosewill is here!”.  The good folks at Rosewill have solved that very problem.  They have put together a SPORTS Kit.

 What’s in the Box?

Rosewill Wii Accesories - What’s in the box

This SPORTS Kit offers a variety of plastic tools that you could use for many games on the Wii.  I believe originally this package was to come out for the freebie game Wii Sports, however with titles like Tiger Woods PGA Tour `08, and even Zelda, this package could be used for any and all games.

Everything comes as you see it and I found that even a 2 year old can figure out how to assemble these tools.  Yes, I say that because I really did ask a 2 year old to assemble them them for me! The Wii-mote that you see in the steering wheel isn’t actually real, and is just a paper imitation, so don’t get your hopes up for a free controller with purchase. 

First Impressions

Now, your first impression is probably going to be one out of a childrens toy commercial.  Some of the accesories don’t look like they’re to a half scale, but the group at Rosewill has ensured that when you grasp your weapon of choice, it’ll work perfectly with the sport you are playing. The plastic seemed sturdy enough to allow it to sail towards your opponents with little harm to the attachments. Your opponent?  I’m not too sure about that. These accesories are even small enough to keep in a duffle bag with a pair of gym shoes, your sweat bands, and your favourite athletic drink!  Boy do I feel Geeky now!

The Wheels On The Bus…

I know that Nintendo intends to ensure that you get off your fat ass (oops, am I allowed to write that?) and actually do some excercising.  The introduction of these accesories gives you the real time “feel” of being on the baseball diamond, at the country club, or on the racetrack. 

Rosewill Wii Accesories - Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is easy to grip and if you really want to have that race car feel you can pull up a gaming chair, lean back and use your feet to pretend like you’re gassing and breaking, or for most of the games I’ve come across so far, you can sit up tilt the steering wheel forward and then you get the feel that you’re driving a really tiny bus!

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