At the Tokyo Game Show this year, a spectacle of gaming, at the epicentre of all things “Otaku”, this product showed up on the show floor. Made by a company called BIBI LAB, their new Bocchi Tent offers gamers a bit more privacy. And it’s absolutely ridiculous!

The BIBI LAB Bocchi Tent measure 1.3 x 1.3 meters and resembles a photography lighting tent, but one that is big enough to fit you and your gaming PC inside, as shown above (Click the photo. I dare you!). The Bocchi Tent is manufactured in black nylon material, that seems to do an OK job blocking light transmission. At the very least, it offers some measure of visual privacy, which will allow you to undertake tasks that you might not want people looking in on. Like working on that autobiography of course.

Sure, it might block outside light, and offer some relief for the senses from the outside world, but it’s definitely not going to block out any sound. Any good gaming headset should take care of the world disturbing you. However, if you produce any disturbing sounds from within, it certainly won’t protect outsiders from you.


Like a photo lighting tent, the BIBI LAB folds right up into a circular disk, and fits into the included carrying case. Yes, this is a weird product, and I’m struggling to not make fun of it too much.

Source: Engadget

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