There have already been a series of leaks revealing what Windows 9 will look like and what some of its key new features will be, but we had yet to hear all that much about pricing. Well, if you’re already running Windows 8 on your PC, it sounds like Microsoft is prepared to offer you a free Windows 9 upgrade when the time comes.

The expectation is that Windows 9, codenamed as Windows Threshold, will be formally unveiled very soon and that’s when we’ll be formally introduced to those virtual desktops and the odd Start Menu/Screen hybrid thing. Microsoft seems to understand that Windows 8 wasn’t exactly met with the warmest of receptions, so they want to make everyone feel better with a free Windows 9 upgrade. If you’re like me and you’re still running Windows 7 on your primary PC, then you’ll still need to open up your wallet to get Windows 9.

While I’m led to believe this free Windows 9 upgrade certainly applies to desktops and laptops, Microsoft also looks like it’ll be unifying its “Windows” brand to include the versions being deployed on tablets and smartphones too, ditching the Windows RT and Windows Phone monikers altogether. How this will impact Microsoft’s business as it relates to competition from Chromebooks and Apple remains to be seen, but at least you’ll get to try Windows 9 for free if you already have Windows 8 going on.

Via Mobileburn

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