The primary two pitfalls of any SFF (Small Form Factor) PC build is lack of space and lack of air flow. Many case manufacturers are working hard to address these issues, but the best way to do that is to just use smaller parts. The new Galaxy GeForce GTX 760 GC Mini is here to help you keep all the power, but with 25% less bulk.

You heard me. The Galaxy GTX 760 Mini is a full-fledged Nvidia GTX 760 with dual 70 mm fans, 2 GB of RAM, but is 25% smaller than the reference design. Now you have the extra space you needed for the PCIe cables and HDD cage in your SFF case. The Galaxy GTX Mini comes in at only 7 inches (177.8 mm) in length. Even in a cramped space, this card should have no issues keeping the heat down and the noise level at a minimum, pun intended.

The Galaxy GTX 760 GC Mini 2GB is available now direct from Galaxy’s online store for an MSRP of $264.99. With 1152 CUDA cores clocked at 1019 MHz (1084 MHz Boost), what more could you ask for? At this point, why even continue to make the full-sized GTX 760s at all?

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April 22nd, 2014 – Galaxy Microsystems, a leading manufacturer of performance graphics hardware, today announces the new GeForce GTX 760 GC Mini. The Mini’s ultra-compact design takes up 25% less space vs. reference, making it the perfect choice for gaming HTPCs, Steam Boxes and Mini ITX. The Mini measures in at just 7” in length, but like any other Galaxy GC edition card it leaves nothing behind in terms of features and performance.

Galaxy has taken their signature dual fan cooler and packed the same super-effective and whisper quiet performance into a miniaturized design for the GTX 760 GC Mini. Three copper heat pipes and 70 mm fans with specially curved blades maximize heat dissipation with minimal noise output, and the inclusion of Galaxy’s Force Air Bracket ensures effective airflow to keep ambient temps inside the chassis as low as possible.

The Galaxy GTX 760 GC Mini comes with 2GB of GDDR5 and features all the latest graphics technologies from NVIDIA, including GPU Boost 2.0, ShadowPlay, Adaptive Vsync, 3D Vision Surround, and PhysX. Microsoft DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL 4.4 are also supported, and as many as three cards can be combined in SLI for up to triple the graphics power.
The Galaxy GTX 760 GC Mini 2GB is available now direct from Galaxy’s online store at


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