In the world of technology, particularly with consumer electronics, two trends continue to prevail. First, what’s old will inevitably be “reinvented” and made new again. Second, everyone will inevitably copy everyone else and claim that they were the first ones to do it. Or at least do it better. And it is through the combination of these trends that we were formally introduced to the new Microsoft Surface Studio today. It’s the new all-in-one PC that’s better than any other all-in-one PC you’ve ever used.

You can check out more of the specs from the news post on MEGATechNews, but the gist of it here is that you get a reasonably powerful PC in a tiny box that doubles as the stand for a 28-inch touchscreen monitor. And it comes with all sorts of extra Surface jazz, just like we get with the Surface Pro and Surface Book. The unique hinge, for example, makes it effortless to fold the screen down flat so you get a true working surface (no pun intended).

In effect, Microsoft has officially laid to rest the old image of the company being old, boring and beige. Now, it’s slick, stylish, and useful. Seriously, this is one gorgeous piece of hardware that’s remarkably elegant in its approach. And it delivers in areas that Apple users have been begging out of the iMac for years. It’s a touchscreen, for starters, and it goes beyond any conventional expectation of what an AIO PC needs to be. With the Surface Pen and the new Surface Dial, it goes further. It embraces the creative experience.

Only recently, we assumed that the industrial design of Apple was at the top of the league. Now, Microsoft has propelled itself to be a serious contender. You don’t even need to build a better, more powerful DIY PC than the Mac Pro, even at the entry level, when you can have the complete package here. Whether or not it’ll stand up to heavy gaming and 4K video editing remains to be seen. But we’ll see.

Pricing starts at just under $3,000. Microsoft is taking pre-orders now with “limited” shipments to follow in time for the holidays.

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