One way to boost adoption rates is to force your product onto customers and give it away for free. You’ve likely noticed just how busy Microsoft has been with this strategy, even getting you to download the update without your permission before the product even launched. Now, at least one person is fighting back, winning her court battle over the forced Windows 10 update that cost her lost wages and caused all sorts of frustration.

Travel agent Teri Goldstein relies on her computer to run her business, so you can imagine how angry she got when her computer was forced to upgrade to Windows 10 last summer. After the “free” update, her computer got unstable and became prone to frequent crashes. This potentially cost her a lot of business. She got mad, lawyered up, and took Microsoft to court. And she won.

The court awarded Goldstein $10,000 in damages and Microsoft has no plans to appeal. This sets a huge precedent in regards to Microsoft forcing the Windows 10 update on consumers who don’t want it. If Goldstein can win, maybe you can too, even if the updates themselves cannot be stopped.

That is, until July 30 when the free update will no longer be offered. Can you wait it out? Or will you just bite the bullet and get Windows 10 anyway?

Via Hot Hardware

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