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Continuing with our brain dump from the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, we take a visit over to the Las Vegas Convention Center. CES occupies pretty well the entirety of the Las Vegas strip for almost a week, but the meat and potatoes of the trade show takes place at the convention center. There, you’ll find the biggest booths from companies like Microsoft, Samsung, and LG, among countless other big names like those from the gaming community

While perusing through the many halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Futurelooks crew came across some rather interesting products. Here are some of the highlights from our trip.

iLuv Decides to Get All Wet and Bothered


There are a lot of premium headphones available on the market today, but many of them are designed for everyday use and not for when you’re going to go swimming or hit an overly sweaty session at the gym. The new i303 waterproof headphones from iLuv counter this way of thought, because it is said to be quite waterproof and sweatproof. Go ahead and hit the treadmill, because your sweat will just cascade away.

The iLuv i303 features a lightweight design that pushes the sound inside your ear while still offering the stability and security of an ear-clip design. The in-line volume control will obviously come in very handy as well and the high-performance speakers will keep your head bouncing to everything from Lil Jon to John Mayer. The fashion-conscious will enjoy that it comes in a range of colors as well.

Complete Home Audio Solution Too


Also from iLuv is the i9500 Hi-Fi audio system. If you’re looking to have a one-stop shop for all of your music collection, this intense beast will probably serve your pretty well. It’s got four vertical bays to handle your CDs, an SD card slot for digital tunes, a USB port for flash drives, and a dock on top to handle your iPhone or iPod. That’s a lot of connectivity folks.

The iLuv i9500 Hi-Fi Audio System rocks two stereo speakers and a pounding subwoofer, as well as a digital clock display (with sleep function) and a Time Sync function that automatically updates the aforementioned clock to your iPhone or iPod. If you’re looking for serious tunes, this thing would be sick. Look for it to hit shelves in May.

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