Everyone knows that CORSAIR has been going nuts creating cases that seem to defy their price points, which has caused a huge stir in the industry, but in a good way. Cases are so good these days that it’s hard to buy a bad one at really any price point. That’s why CORSAIR is surging ahead with a couple more cases that fill in the small gaps in their line up. They also have an SSD that gives caching for all platforms. The only thing we’re not talking about is memory. We already have enough to talk about so check it out in 1080p HD above or directly on YouTube.

CORSAIR 550D Silent Chassis and the 300R Value Gaming Chassis

CORSAIR’s cases have been formulated for high performance cooling, in particular, liquid cooling. While this segment is well covered, the company does not have a dedicated silent design, until now. At CES 2012, the company unleashed the 550D which is a chassis built specifically for silent computing. The case features covered magnetic fan filters and a door that opens both ways in quite a magical way as you can see in the video above. It also pulls right off without having to use any tools. Magic!

The 550D is a mid-tower that is completely tool free and has the ability to open up all the panels. It can be both quiet and high performance, backed up with a total of seven fans (120mm/140mm) and a dual 240mm radiator. It’s priced to go at $149US MSRP and should be available around the end of February 2012.

Since CORSAIR cases are quite popular, they introduced the 300R which allows value gamers and enthusiasts to get a hold of one of their enclosures for well under $100. The case only strips out things that may not be useful when building a performance gaming rig (like the middle drive bay) and includes everything else including tool free construction, huge CPU cut out and a quality blacked out interior. This really is a surprise for an $89.99 US MSRP ($79.99 US street).

CORSAIR Accelerates SSD Caching With Platform Agnostic Product

Intel really made caching mainstream by introducing it in their popular Z68 series of motherboards based on the LGA1155 socket. However, users on slightly older Intel platforms don’t get access to the technology and if you run AMD, you are totally out of luck. We’ve seen products like the OCZ Synapse Cache hit already but they still carry a premium price. CORSAIR has responded with their Accelerator series of SSD cache drives. They install easily, run silently in the background, and provide up to double the performance over your standard platter based drives. They come in with a 30GB drive at a reasonable $70 street price and they will be available within the next month.

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