The NZXT N7 Z390 Motherboard Unleashed

The skeleton of any PC build is the humble motherboard. A significant but overlooked part in the build, but NZXT puts it out there as a centerpiece. This amazing design has entered round 2 in the fight for maki... Continued

NZXT Brings the Power With E-Series PSU

NZXT has announced they are bringing out some amazing power supplies for your PC. The three E-series PSU models (E850, E650, and E500) have amazing features like a Silent mode when outputting less than 100W and... Continued

Corsair Buys Elgato Gaming

In case you missed it, Corsair has announced that they have officially purchased Elgato Gaming, the manufacturer and creator of a number of online streaming peripherals. Corsair has already updated their websit... Continued