SteelSeries is a leader in gaming peripherals.  From mice and keyboards, to PC gaming headsets. As a huge supporter of competitive gaming tournaments and eSports, one of the things they are good at is listening to gamers and the community.  Part of that listening has allowed the company to really embrace the importance of having a good quality mousepad. Your mouse needs a good surface to pick up every inch of DPI, no matter if you play on a computer desk, couch, or coffee shop patio – a solid gaming surface is going make sure you mouse goes where you want it to.

This is why the company has continued to refine and add to their SteelSeries QcK series of mousepads with the introduction of the new QcK Prism, QcK Edge, and QcK Hard.

QcK Prism


Leading the charge is the new QcK is a cloth surface with two-zone RGB lighting that syncs up with the SteelSeries Engine and the PrismSync app to customize the multi-color lighting effects of your dreams. This extra-large desktop size mousepad has the cable along the left side to make sure that any mouse or keyboard wires you may have won’t get in the way during intense gaming moments. The RGB lighting can also be connected with Discord to display custom lighting effects for chat notifications like new messages, mute status, and more.

If you are looking for a high-end mouse pad with super cool RGBs, the QcK Prism can be picked up in two sizes — Medium ($39.99) and XL ($59.99).

QcK Edge

The QcK Edge is a minimal cloth mouse pad with a switched edge for extra durability. The underside is non-slip rubber to make sure it doesn’t slip during elite matches. It comes in three sizes: Medium ($11.99), Large($14.99), and XL ($23.99).

QcK Hard

For the professional enthusiast that prefers the hard polyethylene surface, the QcK Hard is built for a wide range of DPI tracking. The QcK Hard is available for $29.99.

Updates for the previous QcK Mousepads

In addition to the new QcK Edge, Prism Cloth and Hard mousepads, SteelSeries is also refreshing its original line of mousepads. The QcK Mini, QcK and QcK+ will now be called the QcK – Small, QcK – Medium and QcK – Large respectively, and the QcK MASS, QcK HEAVY, and QcK XXL will now be called the QcK Heavy – Medium, QcK Heavy – Large and QcK Heavy – XXL respectively. They will also receive a minor design update with the new SteelSeries logo.

For more information on these new updates, please check out their website.


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