The ROG Delta is the name is the latest headset from ASUS. It brings glorious customizable Aura Sync RGB lighting and four DACs (Digital Audio Converters) to pump out HD audio compared to the traditional one DAC in most stereo headsets. Combined, they produce an impressive 127-DB signal-to-noise ratio, making these headphones sound just as cool as they look.

The interior walls of the ear cushions are made of synthetic leather, surrounded by a breathable mesh fabric to keep your ears comfortable while also keeping you cool. They also include a second set of fully wrapped synthetic leather cushions in case you game with the AC on full blast.

Even if you haven’t upgraded to USB-C, they include a USB Type-A adapter with the ROG Delta so you can use them on any computer that still hasn’t updated to the next generation.

The RGB lighting on this headset looks¬†amazing and it connects with Aura Sync to ensure that your rainbow goodness matches up with the rest of your rig.¬†The lighting will be available as a single zone when the ROG Delta launches this summer, but a software update due in the fall will split the RGB LEDs into eight zones, allowing further customization. There is also a LED integrated into the analog microphone that lights up when the mic is muted, so you can easily see whether you’re being heard.

Look for the ROG Delta to arrive this summer.

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