Long dead are the old grey plastic cases we are used to seeing in office buildings. We’ve moved past simple fan grill customization and fancy colours and right into water-cooled UV lighting. However, the main design of “the tower” has rarely strayed. PC builders are looking for something different with case layouts and construction — and we are finally getting the variety we’ve been wanting. Thermaltake has come out with the Level 20 XT Cube Chassis with a totally unique layout and configuration.

It’s completely configurable and begs to rock out with amazing hardware, as the unique flat motherboard design makes sure that you can see all of your high-end components. It even uses a split-level design to separate the cooling, PSU and hardware components into two section. The ultra-modern style is innovative, and awesome.

The Level 20 XT from Thermaltake supports up to E-ATX motherboards, 250mm tall CPU coolers, 400mm long video cards, and 220mm long power supplies. It also can support a radiator that’s up to 480mm tall with mounting positions along the top, front, or either side of the lower compartment. The front, top and side panels are all built from ultra-durable 4mm tempered glass, so you can see your beast of a rig from any angle.

And if we are talking about 2019, we have to mention that this case comes with a USB-C port on the top too. For more information, check out the product page.

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