Transferring files these days isn’t as simple as it used to be. While USB should mean universal, having three generations active at the same time, means your brand new phone might not have the same cables as your brand new computer. While I love the new USB-C format, work computers and most cell phones haven’t made the switch yet. While some computers are rocking the amazing USB-C speeds, most computers still need that standard A-style port that we are used to. Enter in the Patriot Memory Trinity USB 3.1 flash drive

This TINY USB thumb drive is as small as you can imagine, barely anything more than just a few connections. It’s so small that it’s easy to forget that this can store up to 128GB of data! The metal swivel protects the device when packed away in your pocket with your keys or at the bottom of your camera bag during your travels.

Using it on the Keychain

I started using the 64 GB model to transfer files between my USB-C toting MacBook Pro and my partner’s USB-A styled MacBook Air. To make things convenient, I tried to attach it to my keyring — but it wouldn’t fit!  So instead I just threw the ring through the swivel opening and called it a day. I wish that keyring loop was a little bigger so I could actually use it as intended.

I also noticed after a while that the USB-C port started to break apart, leaving bits of plastic feeling away. So far this hasn’t impacted me using it, but it was a bit concerning. I never saw this happen with USB-A cables or connections. Hopefully, this is something that the warranty would cover.

So how are the transfer speeds?

Products like these can sometimes be a compromise in performance. But my primary concern was that it works, and it’s not unbearably slow.

I started with a video file that was 2.4 GB, and transferred it from my USB-C MacBook Pro onto the drive, and it took 1 minute and 47 seconds. That’s quick enough for me. The biggest win here is the versatility. I can bring my files to any computer with ease, knowing that I won’t have to worry what port is available.

No matter if you are connecting to Type-A, Micro-B, or Type-C cables, this backward compatible devices works with USB 2.0 and even 1.1 to transfer files to whatever port you need. Take files from your desktop PC and throw them on your brand new iPad Pro supporting the new USB Standard without needing a mess of adapters or special dongles. There’s no special software required to make this happen. It’s all automatic, which is easily taken for granted considering how much work it has to do.

Final Thoughts on the Patriot Memory Trinity USB 3.1 Flash Drive

The Patriot Memory Trinity USB 3.1 Drive seems like the missing link between today and the USB-C future. It bridges the technology gap between generations, and it does it without being complex or hard to use. Patriot offers the drive in three capacities starting at $18.99 for the 32GB version, $27.99 for the 64GB, and $40 for the 128GB style.

The devices are currently available online, and despite some issues around the design of the key ring loop and some issues with the plastic around the USB-C port — they are so worth picking up. When you hit that workflow that requires transferring files around between different USB ports, you can reach for this tiny traveler and relax. It’s a great tool for the job.

The Partiot Memory Trinity USB 3.1 64GB Flash Drive Reviewed
I'd recommend this to anyone who has a USB-C laptop or computer. Sure sharing files online is fine most of the time, but sometimes you just need a quick and easy solution — and for the price it's worth having in your toolbox.
  • Well made and durable body
  • Storage sizes are all good
  • Price is great
  • I already lost the USB-C plastic cap
  • The metal bends a little too much
78Overall Score
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