Worst EV of 2023 (We Drove It) – EP 62

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VerJeH1IUrE On Our Podcast Show this week, we discuss our experience with the worst-reviewed electric vehicle of 2023! The Fully Charged Show made its stop in Vancouver, BC... Continued
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Antec Sonata III Mid-Tower ATX Case Review

Antec is well known for high quality cases that both perform and look great. This is evident in cases like their flagship Antec P182 that we've recently reviewed. They also has a line of cases called "Sonat... Continued
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Five of the Worst Video Games of All Time

We’ve all played them, the games that just shouldn’t be called games; such abominations should be hidden away, and never seen again. Only a scant few have played them and even less have finished them. To th... Continued
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NYKO Zero Wireless PS2 Controller Review

Do people play the Playstation 2 anymore? Of course they do! Afterall, it's still one of the all time best selling console systems ever, not to mention developers are still putting out games for it like the... Continued
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RAZER Destructor Pro Gaming Mouse Pad Review

When I was handed the Razer Destructor Pro Gaming Mat (aka a Mouse Pad), and was told to do a review on it, I have to be honest and say I didn’t really know where to go with it. I mean, it’s a mouse pad; yo... Continued