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So are you tired of the same old boring computer case? Ready for something sexy, curvy, and drop dead gorgeous? And yes, I am talking about a computer case. How about one that is designed by the famous Italian design firm Pininfarina (the same company that designed the Ferrari Enzo)? Teaming up with Pininfarina, Spire has introduced the SP-ATX-PALU/S case and on first glance, this case is amazing. But is this case all show and no go? Well, let’s find out.

From it’s curvy front bezel to the uniqueness of it’s design, this is definitely a one of a kind case. Pininfarina is famous for designing works of art, and this case is no different. “Exclusively designed by world famous designer Pininfarina”, Spire has created the first truly artistically designed computer case. The case comes in a choice of 6 colors: white, silver, black, red, yellow, and blue – which happens to be the one that we will be reviewing today.




  • Stylish curved Italian design
  • Aluminum Alloy Bezel & Metal SECC Chassis
  • Full folded edge, full screen, radiation protected
  • Front USB/IEEE1394/SOUND connections
  • Removable HDD Cage
  • Removable Mainboard Tray / Side-Panel
  • Tool-less side panel access for fast and easy upgrade
  • 120mm Fan duct system on the side panel for maximum airflow

Looking at the specs, this is a fairly big case. With a net weight of 13.50kg (without a power supply), this thing is HEAVY. It has many of your standard features found on cases of similar caliber such as tool-less side panels, folded and rounded edges, and no less than 3 fans. A few things that caught my eye however, were a removable HDD cage, and a removable mainboard tray / side panel. This should help make it easy for installing components into the case.



When I received the box, it looked like it had gone through a rough time during delivery. Luckily for us, Spire used multi-layer packing foam  and not your cheap packing Styrofoam to protect the case.  Instead of breaking apart, this type of foam absorts impact and bounces back.


The case was also wrapped in a bag, and to top it off, there was another protective layer of plastic on the front, top and rear of the case to prevent any scratches. Kudos to Spire for taking such great care in packaging and protecting their case to ensure that we receive a damage free product.

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