When it comes to cooling, little improvements can make a different to performance. Another 5°C here and there can determine if your overclock is stable enough to play your favorite game, or a waste of 2 hours of tweaking. Premium PC DIY product manufacturer, be quiet!, is here to give you that extra margin of safety with their third generation CPU coolers. The Dark Rock 3, Dark Rock Pro 3, and Shadow Rock Slim are all ready to take on your biggest heat dissipation loads.

These cooler make no compromises and offer something for everyone no matter what you are looking for out of your CPU cooler. Need something to stay out-of-the-way of your super tall memory heatsinks? There’s the Shadow Rock Slim. Want complete, no compromise cooling power? There’s the Dark Rock Pro 3? Need  something between the two? How about the Dark Rock 3? All of the new CPU coolers come with the new Silent Wings 120 mm and/or 135 mm fans with fluid dynamic bearings, and are design with low noise in mind.

The Shadow Rock Slim, Dark Rock 3, and Dark Rock Pro 3 can handle loads of 160 watts, 190 watts, and an astonishing 250 watts of heat respectively. They are all available now and fit most AMD/Intel sockets with an MSRP of  $89.00 for the Dark Rock Pro 3, $69.00 for the Dark Rock 3 and $45.90 for the Shadow Rock Slim. All of them come complete with 3 year warranty.

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Shadow Rock Slim, Dark Rock 3 and Dark Rock Pro 3 provide further improvements to cooling performance and quietness of the PC system

January 15, 2014 – be quiet!, market leader of power supplies in Germany for seven consecutive years* , announces three new CPU coolers with high cooling capacity from 160 to 250 watts and a extremely low noise level. The German company has extended its portfolio with a third generation of the Dark Rock Series. The new coolers feature optimized aluminum fins and Silent Wings PWM fans. This has increased the performance by up to 5° C compared with the predecessors. In addition, be quiet! has announced the Shadow Rock Slim, which offers a high compatibility to large RAM heat spreaders and is ideal for compact systems.

Dark Rock Pro 3 – uncompromising CPU cooler of the superlative

The new spearhead in the be quiet! cooler segment is the massively optimized Dark Rock Pro 3, which features enhanced aluminum fins and is equipped with seven reconfigured high-performance heat pipes in 6-millimeter format. The fins are especially wave-contoured on the edges to minimize noise-inducing turbulence and improve the convective cooling compared with ordinary fins. The surface area was significantly increased in the manufacture by a punched dot structure. The base plate has an extra aluminum heat sink to spread the dissipated heat.

Together with the new Silent Wings PWM fans in 120 and 135-millimeter formats, the Dark Rock Pro 3 has a cooling capacity of 250 watts TDP. Thus it achieves a maximum noise level of 26.1 decibels. To minimize extraneous noise, be quiet! provides the fan with vibration-absorbing elements and a high-quality fluid dynamic bearing with a copper core. Further, the Silent Wings PWM 135 mm is equipped with a 6-pole motor for low vibration and smooth operation. For even higher levels of performance, an extra 120 mm fan can be mounted on the Dark Rock Pro 3. The clip required for this purpose is included.

The manufacturer sets new quality standards: In addition to a dark nickel plating, the two towers of the Dark Rock Pro 3 and its heat pipes are covered with a massive brushed black top cover made of aluminum with aluminum caps.

The be quiet! dual tower cooler is considered an excellent choice for high-performance enthusiasts with overclocked systems and multiple GPU platforms.

Dark Rock 3 – First-class ratio of power and noise

The Dark Rock 3 has received a huge performance upgrade. Optimizations include the wavy edges of the aluminum fins and expansion of the cooling surface with a punched dot structure on the fins. The 135 mm Silent Wings PWM fan is equipped with a 6-pole motor, fluid-dynamic bearing, copper core and a dynamic balanced drive wheel that reduce vibration to a minimum and ensure smooth and silent operation.

Dark Rock 3 combines optimized aluminum fins with a Silent Wings PWM fan and six high-performance heat pipes in 6 mm format, enabling it to dissipate up to 190 watts with a maximum noise level of only 21.1 decibels.

The performance of Dark Rock 3 can also be extended with an optional 120 mm fan. The build quality is top notch: be quiet! installed a stylish black aluminum top cover and heat pipe caps. The entire cooler has a dark nickel coating as well.

Shadow Rock Slim – Space saving yet powerful

The third new be quiet! cooler is among the Shadow Rock family with the attribute “Slim”. The compact single-tower cooler has six high-performance heat pipes, an abundance of aluminum fins and a noise-optimized 135 mm be quiet! fan. The fan is characterized by long-life rifle bearings and nine flow-optimized fan blades. In this configuration the Shadow Rock Slim achieves a high cooling capacity of 160 watts with low noise. The fan produces a maximum of 23.7 decibels.

Due to its narrow profile of only 74 millimeters, the Shadow Rock Slim is ideal for compact systems and offers a high compatibility with oversized RAM heat spreaders. Easy access to the memory is guaranteed – also inside the casing. When a change of memory becomes necessary, no expansion of the CPU cooler is required.

The Shadow Rock Slim includes a high-quality top cover and the user can mount a second fan upon it.

All three CPU coolers are compatible with current Intel and AMD sockets and are available now. The recommended retail price (including VAT) of the Dark Rock Pro is 79 euros and the Dark Rock 3 is 63 euros. The price of Shadow Rock Slim is 40.90 euros. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price in USA and Canada is 89 US dollars for Dark Rock Pro 3, 69 US dollars for Dark Rock 3 and 45.90 US dollars for Shadow Rock Slim. be quiet! grants a three-year warranty on all CPU coolers.


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