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Antec is well known for high quality cases that both perform and look great. This is evident in cases like their flagship Antec P182 that we’ve recently reviewed. They also has a line of cases called “Sonata” that are known for being extremely quiet in a computing environment. Ever since the first Sonata, Antec had set the bar for a quiet case that looked great. Now that we’re up to the third iteration of the Sonata line, it’s getting more difficult to tweak something nearly perfect. In fact, the Sonata III, which we’re reviewing today, has a striking resemblance to the Sonata II, which we’ve reviewed in the past.

In many ways, the Sonata III seems to be more of a tweaked version of the Sonata II than a complete imagination. Why mess with something that works? But are these tweaks really an improvement or just cosmetic changes to sell a few more cases? Today, we’re going to find out if Antec continues with the “Quiet Computing” legacy with the Sonata III.


  • 9 drive bays – 3 x 5.25” external, 2 x 3.5” external, 4 x 3.5” internal
  • Earthwatts 500 Watt power supply (80 PLUS® Certified)
  • 1 rear 120mm TricoolTM fan (standard) with 3-speed control
  • 1 optional front 120mm case fan
  • 0.8mm cold rolled steel case
  • Supports motherboards up to Standard ATX
  • Dimensions: 16.7”H x 18.2”D x 8.1’W
  • Net Weight: 25.5lbs

The Sonata III comes with a high quality 500 Watt Earthwatts Plus 80 power supply, which adds to the net weight of the 0.8 mm rolled steel case, just in case you’re wondering why it’s so heavy. There is no option to purchase this case without the power supply.

The combination is great for system builders setting up machines for offices that require a large number of machines and low noise, or for enthusiasts seeking a second system for all the mediocre web surfing and spreadsheets.



  • Front mounted USB, eSATA, HDA & AC’97 Audio In/Out ports
  • Tool-less side panel access for fast and easy access
  • Internal drive bays in individual trays with silicone grommets to absorb hard drive vibrations
  • Side rails and individual drive trays allow easy installation of all drives.
  • Metal double hinge door allows the door to open up to 225°
  • Built-in washable air filter keeps harmful dust out of the case
  • Piano black finish

On paper, the specifications and features are very similar to the Sonata II. The only major difference I can see so far is the slight increase in power to a 500W Earthwatts power supply, as well as two fewere places to mount fans. The question is, will this hurt the case’s performance in any way? Let’s find out!

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