Powerful, secure and flexible are the three important adjectives that make the PowerVault NX3500 DELL network hard drive an ultimate choice among other NAS drives. First of all, network attached storage drives have revolutionised the way companies store and retrieve huge data files. Adding to these amazing data management solutions, new and innovative technologies are being incorporated into these drives to make them highly scalable, powerful and effectively efficient. NX3500 DELL network drive from the PowerVault series is a nice example of this amazing data management revolution.

NX 3500 technical specifications

This power NAS drive is engineered with cutting edge technologies to meet complex and dynamic data requirements. The device comes with an Intel Xeon processor that falls into the 3500 series. The front end storage controllers comes with two 1GB IP ports and the back end storage is complimented with two 1 Gb and 10 Gb IP ports. The maximum system size is 389 TB2 allowing Raid 6 plus. The maximum file size allowed by this network hard drive is 4 TB, allowing a multitude of 32 billion files or 34 billion directories. The cache size is 24GB per NAS controller. The maximum values supported by this network drive are 1024 CIFS shares, 512 NAS volumes, 10,000 snapshots, 40 LUNs and 1024 NFS mounts. With a physical chassis size of 1.69 x 17.09 x 24.12 inches and a weight of 15 lbs, this network storage drive is sturdy enough to take care of your data management needs. In addition, the drive allows you to use the office space to the optimal level.

Unified storage solutions

The good thing with this DELL network hard drive is that it offers unified storage solutions. The drive combines the efficient technology of the DELL fluid file system, common internet file system, network file system, iSCSI and the MD backend for the internet to offer highly scalable and efficient unified storage solutions. The powerful network protocols enable you to consolidate block and file data. This sturdy drive allows you to manage data of any volume.

The flexible feature of NX3500 DELL network drive enables you to dynamically change your data storage processes in accordance to the development of the business. Adding additional drives is simple and easy. Moreover, data transfer is done seamlessly without interrupting your core business processes. The NAS drive comes with secure data storage features like snapshots and automatic backup options that regulate the data management tasks. On the whole, Powervault NX3500 DELL network hard drive offers versatile solutions for data management of any volume.

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