It looks like the Origin vs Steam war is over. But only in name. In a few weeks, users of the EA’s Origin platform will have their accounts automatically converted from EA Origin ones to EA branded ones. In an email that has started to hit the inboxes of many gamers, Electronic Arts is saying that the renaming of the Origin Account will “better represent all of EA’s games and services”.

As far as everything else in your account goes, it seems to be mostly a superficial change. Your account ID and preferences, along with all of your order history will remain unchanged. You’ll also continue to use the same login credentials as before to access your game library and any associated web sites and services you may have signed up for under the Origin brand. The change over for account holders is said to be happening automatically.

The email we received did not ask you to click a link or update any preferences. If you do receive an email asking for anything other than your attention to this notification, I would most certainly not click that. Although changing your password on occasion isn’t a bad idea.

I would imagine that EA will also have a newly re-branded client download around the same time as well.

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