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Every so often, we’re honored with an opportunity to work with companies new to the region. Mionix is very new to North America. But, they aren’t new to the concept of “gaming”. Their goal is to blend their vision with gaming, whether it be mice, gaming surfaces, or audio. Their products are designed to improve your gaming experience and, if possible, inspire you a bit at the same time.

Take their Keid 20 Gaming Headset for example. Named after a triple star system located 16.5 light-years from Earth. The headset offers some very important features if you are to annihilate your opponent on the virtual battlefield. Do you think it looks and performs like any other headset? Let’s find out!

Features and Specifications

The Keid 20 are currently available in your choice of white or black. They offer an ergonomic design similar to DJ style headsets. That’s not a bad choice since those are designed to sit on your head for very long periods of time. The full sized ear pads are also designed large enough to fully cup your ear to help balance weight.

The headset produces audio with a pair of healthy 50mm drivers with a frequency response of 20Hz – 20KHz while the attached omni-directional microphone’s frequency range is 300Hz – 3300Hz. You get the basic mute option as well as Passive Noise Reduction (PNR). PNR is what helps pick up your voice rather than the back ground noise. Obviously you don’t want ambient noises cluttering up your team’s communication at a noisy LAN party.

What’s Inside The Box?

Inside the box you’ll receive the headset itself of course, but also this stylish pleather bag in which to transport them. Also included is an instruction manual that tells you the basics of taking care of them and hooking them up.

Since not all gaming headsets include a bag or carrying case of any type, it is nice to see Mionix listening to gamers and providing something in which to take care of them while running and gunning from LAN party to LAN party.

Zooming in on the Keid 20 Star System

Even though the Keid 20 are pretty large, they are extremely light weight. DJ headsets this style tend to weigh enough to notice. However, the box seems to weigh almost as much as the headset and the box is pretty light if that gives you any idea.

Overall, the headset seems to be made with some good quality, rigid plastic materials. They feel as though they can handle any typical gaming use. The only metals to speak of would be the thin wires inside the rubber arch frame which keeps the shape of the headset as well as the microphone boom.

The cups aren’t completely enclosed. They seem to be designed for ventilation. In fact, they’re semi-open cups, but have a second frame around them no doubt to protect them from abuse. The ear cups are also surprisingly plush and wrapped in a very soft rubber boot. These should fit nicely against your brain for hours and hours of gaming.

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