Back during COMPUTEX 2015 we revealed that there was a little bit of drama erupting from the show floor. Premium case maker CaseLabs was openly accusing veteran Thermaltake of aping their designs and selling them at lower prices, albeit with some corners cut, earning the Taiwanese company the “cheap knock off” badge as a result of the allegations. Well, it turns out CaseLabs has seen the error of their ways, and has apologized openly to Thermaltake.

This apology comes in the form of a press release from Thermaltake themselves. While that may sound odd, the release did also include two letters of apology , both signed by CaseLabs President James Keating and Vice Predsident Kevin Keating. The first letter is directed at Thermaltake themselves, and in particular, Shannon Robb, the companies marketing manager and the face of the company of many events around the globe.

The other letter is directed to Nathan Kirsch, Editor in Chief of Legit Reviews, who originally broke this story, requesting that they take it down along with the inclusion of the offending Facebook post. While we do not feel that Legit Reviews has any obligation to remove the original story, they have updated it to reflect the new developments in the CaseLabs vs Thermaltake situation, giving the community the whole picture.

You can read the official release/statement from Thermaltake below.

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CaseLabs Apologizes for Accusations Against Thermaltake

California, U.S.A – July, 16, 2015 – CaseLabs, a manufacturer of computer cases, has issued a letter of retraction and apology for its recent attacks upon competitor Thermaltake, Inc., another manufacturer of computer cases and other computer components.

Recently, CaseLabs and some of its personnel, including Kevin Keating, posted attacks upon Thermaltake. Those attacks have included accusations that Thermaltake and one of its employees, Mr. Shannon Robb, “stole” CaseLabs’ case design and engaged in unfair competition. CaseLabs now regrets those statements and apologizes for making them.

CaseLabs’ accusations were false. As CaseLabs admits in its retraction and apology letter:

“CaseLabs acknowledges that it does not own any patents on any of its case products. CaseLabs’ postings, which suggested that litigating to enforce patents would be prohibitively expensive, were misleading, because they implied that CaseLabs actually owned patents, which it does not. CaseLabs regrets this error. CaseLabs apologizes for accusing Mr. Robb and Thermaltake of “stealing” anything. The look of a computer case will always have some similar features – given its functional nature. CaseLabs retracts its accusations against Thermaltake for “copying other people’s existing concepts and calling them your own” and of producing “rip-off products.”

The unflattering comments about overseas competition have also been retracted by CaseLabs. Again quoting from CaseLabs’ retraction and apology letter:

“CaseLabs regrets its previous statements about Asian low price competition. CaseLabs acknowledges that price competition is fundamental to a healthy marketplace, and CaseLabs recognizes that it has no right to prevent Thermaltake from offering a competing product for a lower price in the marketplace. CaseLabs retracts any suggestion that competitors are not entirely free to engage in price competition for such unpatentable products as CaseLabs’ computer cases.”

In its letter of retraction and apology, CaseLabs puts an end to its false accusations against Thermaltake. Again, quoting CaseLabs’ retraction and apology letter:

“CaseLabs looks forward to engaging in vigorous, price-conscious, ethical competition with its competitors, including Thermaltake, without resort to false accusations.”

CaseLabs has also written to ask Nathan Kirsch of Legit Reviews to remove his article regarding CaseLabs’ accusations against Thermaltake.

Kenny Lin, CEO of Thermaltake, responded to CaseLabs’ retraction and apology letter with the following quote:

“Thermaltake appreciates CaseLabs’ retraction and apology for its false accusations against Thermaltake. Having received this apology from CaseLabs, Thermaltake hopes that our two businesses can return to healthy competition in the marketplace, without resort to name-calling or false representations. Thermaltake will continue to compete vigorously in the always competitive computer peripherals market, where Thermaltake will continue to work closely with consumers to observe their behavior and to respond to their needs. Thermaltake’s products are user driven. Thermaltake is dedicated to building aesthetic and high quality products which will greatly improve system performance and bring the user to his or her highest potential. Thermaltake is proud of its IP portfolio, including patents and trademarks, and exceptional product lines, but most of all, we are proud of the customers we serve and of our personnel who serve them.”

Copies of CaseLabs’ retraction and apology letter and CaseLabs’ letter to Legit Reviews are enclosed.

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CaseLabs has indeed removed the offending material from their Facebook page. Hopefully this is a step that both companies can take forward, and get back to business as usual. Both CaseLabs and Thermaltake make interesting and unique products, and they both serve different niches and levels in the market.

Will this apology be enough though? Only time will tell.

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